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Sky riding a mountain bike at Blueberry Lake in Warren, VermontI’m Sky Barsch, a media and communications professional with more than 20 years experience working with local and national organizations. I specialize in digital storytelling, website content creation, social media strategy, and I especially love email newsletters and email marketing.

I’ve worked in daily news, magazines, the outdoor/adventure/fitness space, and tourism. I like working in efficient and organized systems; I also like to get down to work and am not interested in long Powerpoint presentations or fluff. I’m patient and a people person with a positive outlook and a good sense of humor.

I’ve been a small business owner myself and I understand digital outreach is not everyone’s favorite part of their day. But it is mine! Seriously, I live for this stuff.

I’d love to help you reach your business outreach goals, whether you’re looking to simplify your sales process or market to thousands of new customers.

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