Digital novice? Short on time? I can help.

Digital Marketing Services

  • Email marketing
  • Website content and website design (employee profiles, blog build-outs)
  • Social media development and strategy
  • Ecommerce and SEO
  • Sponsored content and paid post content

If you’re looking to grow your business or nonprofit organization, polish your online appearance, or improve email communication with your customers/clients/members, I can help!

Please get in touch to learn about digital analysis and strategy, small group workshops, and specific and concrete ways to reach your goals.

Do you ever ask yourself

Are you looking for help with any of these questions:

Why aren’t people opening my emails?

How do I make my emails look good on mobile?

What can I do to make my website look more professional?

When should I send my email newsletter and how often?

How do I buy digital advertising?

How do I get my business better listings on the web?

Reach out and I can answer these questions!