Email Marketing & Newsletters

Website & eCommerce Content, Design and Strategy

Digital Advertising Strategy

Social Media Strategy and Advising

Writing, Editing, Content Creation

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Email Marketing & Newsletters

Do you want to send an email newsletter to your customers? Contact me for help with:

  • Creating and setting up an email newsletter account (e.g. Mailchimp)

  • Content development

  • Design

  • Deployment

  • Analysis, strategy, segmentation, list growth, e-commerce integration

What does this all mean?

Creating and setting up an email newsletter account

The 101. Perfect for those new to communicating with a customer list. We can help you with account setup and answer your most basic questions.

Content development

The 411. Writing, editing, subject lines, photographs, whatever you need for your messaging.


The ooh-la-la. We can create a header image, logo, select or design a mobile-responsive layout, assist with font treatment, teach you how to optimize images for fast loading, tinker with your html/css.


Scared to hit send? We help with creating and selecting lists, selecting dates and send times, testing and clicking “SEND” with confidence.

Analysis and strategy

Evaluating data, reaching goals (More opens? More click-throughs? More conversions?), evaluating performance of various lists, competitive analysis, market segment analysis; strategy for list growth.

Website & eCommerce Content, Design, and Strategy

A professional digital presence is critical to attracting customers.

If your website is hard to navigate or looks like it’s from 1995, prospective customers might assume your organization is also behind the times (or worse, no longer operating!). I can help improve your online presence to achieve a polished look.

Website Content

  • Employee profiles—conduct interviews with employees and write lively, engaging profiles so customers can get to know you better.
  • Company history—every company has a story. I tell yours.
  • Blog entries—improve SEO and show you’re an expert.
  • FAQ sections—quick answers to the questions you answer frequently.
  • Photography—I work with talented photographers for the best website imagery.
  • Graphics—I work with skilled designers for logos, diagrams, charts, and illustrations.

Ecommerce Integration

Vermont Life ecommerce site screenshot

  • I can create a simple, easy-to-use site to sell your products, accept credit card payments, and arrange shipping.
  • I can assist in a soup-to-nuts ecommerce setup, coordinating storage, order taking, fulfillment, and shipping.

Digital Advertising
Strategy, design and execution

  • Sponsored content and paid posts—informational, educational articles people find on partner/publisher websites
  • Paid search (Google, Bing)
  • Banner advertising (network or direct)
  • Native content (sponsored articles, sponsored emails)
  • Chaperoned emails

Social Media Channels

  • Launch or improve Facebook, Twitter, Instagram